Dear Softball Player,

Your aspirations and dreams are the driving force behind all of my work.

In collaboration with Easton, I get the privilege to design softball products with you and your needs in mind.

From catchers gear to gloves, and everything in between, each item is meticulously crafted to enhance your performance and provide comfort, protection and confidence.

I want you to feel empowered when you're wearing our clothing line or using the equipment we've designed. We want you to feel like this gear was made specifically for you… because it was.

It is my hope that together we will continue to elevate the sport of softball to new heights.

With unwavering belief,

Jen Schroeder


Easton x Jen Schro catcher’s gear is made specifically to inspire and protect fastpitch catchers.


Designed in collaboration with Jen Schro, her female specific catcher’s mitts range from elite players to the younger, yet serious player.

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Custom Jen Schro Glove
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The Jen Schro catcher's bags are built to hold all of your catcher's gear and all of the necessities for a day at the field.


The All Day All Night collection was designed in collaboration with Jen Schro to give softball girls stylish, comfortable apparel to make them feel great on the field or off.