Statement on -5 Hype Fire Perfect Game Suspension

We became aware on Monday, April 8, of Perfect Game's announcement to suspend the Easton Hype Fire -5 bat, which meets the standards and certifications as determined by USSSA. Perfect Game’s announcement was made without prior discussion or notification to us. 

Important note: Perfect Game’s announcement does NOT affect the -12, -10, or -8 Easton Hype Fire bats. Further, Perfect Game’s decision only applies to Perfect Game events. This decision has no impact on our customers and athletes who do not participate in Perfect Game events. As we learn more, we are committed to keeping our customers and athletes informed. 

Update 4/19/24

In furtherance of our commitment to provide updates on Perfect Game’s temporary suspension of the Hype Fire -5, here is what we know today:

  • Our understanding is that PG is now evaluating -5 models from various brands
  • In the interest of fairness and conducting a credible review process, we requested last week that PG suspend all -5 bats while its evaluation is in progress. PG informed us that they initially considered suspending all -5 bats before taking only the Hype Fire -5 out of play. PG added that they would discuss our request internally, but as of yet they have not announced any further actions
  • We have asked PG for a better understanding of the evaluation criteria that will be used, but as of yet they have not provided us with any details, which we would promptly share with you
  • We will keep you posted as we hopefully hear more soon