The Hype Is Real
Experience the most explosive two-piece composite bat in the game! Featuring Thermo Composite Technology, the ADV Hype™ offers the ideal combination of a massive barrel and sweet spot with a light swing weight, delivering explosive power at the plate. It’s time for you to bring the HYPE, so be the first to get the all-new ADV Hype bat, and show your power at the plate.
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Thermo Composite Technology
Combines a massive barrel and sweet spot for the lightest swinging bat in Easton’s lineup, delivering explosive power.
ConneXion Max
Maximizes energy transfer with an even stiffer feel on contact, and injected with Nitrocell foam to help dramatically reduce vibration.
Power Boost Soft Knob Technology
Provides hitters with more leverage, while reducing vibration and improving comfort for the bottom hand.
Pro-Stiff Carbon Handle
Designed with extra-stiff carbon fibers to create a more-solid handle, giving the most elite athletes that stiff feel they love.
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